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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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bring you any new information as we get it. atheist group sparking outrage with a so-called easter display the so-called
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group. nobody died for our sins, jesus christ is a myth. ralph reed from the freedom organization joins us. >> hi greta. good to be with you. >> what do you think of this. >> two fold. on the one hand the grounds of a state capitol it's a public building, it's a form of free speech and i defend the right of others to speak, even when i find that speech repugnant as i clearly find this speech including speech that den greats my religion. having defended their right to do it, greta, i think this is unnecessarily a sign of contempt. it's demeaning, it's insulting, unnecessarily so. i applaud the concerned women for america who put the display up honoring jesus and the holiest week of the christian faith. and i think this is part and parcel of what yale law
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professor stephan l. carter called the culture of disbelieve. the idea that our popular culture, our legal culture and all too often our political culture shows either disrespect for, disdain, and at times open hostility to people of faith simply expressing their beliefs in the public square. you know, ralph, i'm totally with you on the first amendment first amendment to say things unpopular i might not like. what i don't get is why this group has such bad manners. this is obviously a very important week to christians and why in the world do you want to go poke a stick in their eye? that's what i don't get. i will defend their right to do it but whatever happened to just good manners? >> well, i'm afraid we may have lost that a long time ago. i would certainly hope that people would show more respect for indifference on
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this most high and holy week not only for the jewish faith as jews all over the world celebrate passover and christians celebrate the resurrection of their lord and a savior. unfortunately greta we crossed that line a long time ago. last year "saturday night live" during the holy skit of lint displayed jesus christ as a mass murderer who gunned people down and hacked people to death with a machete. all too often we see in films and television and in cases like this one in wisconsin a deliberate and intentional effect to demean and demonize people of faith and ridicule them. they may have a first amendment right to do it, but i think we need to start marginalizing that kind of speech in our culture. >> ralph, always nice to see you, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, greta. good to be with you.
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>> straight ahead. new problems at the bundy ranch in nevada. the standoff may be over for now. also, strippers versus the tax man. that's right.
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not he over, the standoff between the family ranch and federal government is triggering new problems at the bundy family ranch in nevada. "on the record" griff jenkins is at the ranch. griff, what is happening now? >> hi, greta. things have mostly quieted down. the crowds, most of the media have left. it gave the bundies the first opportunity to truly assess the damage to their property, from dead cows to missing calves to damaged fence posts and water lines that have been crushed. and so i went out with a lifelong friend of the bundies, toughy roof. is he a true counsel. we went to have a look. >> they run a lot of calves away from calves by their helicopters. the calves -- momma got them
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hid under a bush some place. they drive them off and leave the calves behind. and i just trying to see if i can see any that might have been left behind. >> how do you feel about what happened with the bundies? >> i think it's a disgrace to our government, myself. some points maybe i don't agree with on, but he has been a good friend and a good neighbor. i will back him 100%. the government owns us instead of we owning the government and we have got to get it back some way. >> now, greta, we also obtained exclusive video of what appears to be a mass grave with dead cows in it. in the video here, you see ryan bundy who is overlooking what appears to be a 45-foot by 18 by foot hole dug presumably by the feds with at least one dead cow in it in the video ryan is trying to figure out how many dead cows in there. that translates to real
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money. cliven bundy tells me that one cow market is 2200 bucks. 10 is 22,000. i asked cliive if he thought there was more than 10 he said that's run low estimate. in that yaf 20, 30, or 40 more. they are trying to figure out what it's cost them with this whole ordeal, greta? >> griff, thank you. >> now at war with senator reid. senator reid saying this. >> well, it's not over. and we can't have an in america people that violate the law and just walk away from it so it's not over. >> not over for the bundy family either. they are demanding novembers beat harry reid from office. >> i don't think there is any hope for them and he needs to be kicked out of office even if he is the senate majority leader it doesn't matter. >> joining us, our political panel. jackie kucinich of the "the washington post," susan cab tree of "the washington examiner." alex annual degreeafter infantry. >> who is winning which one,
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senator harry reid on the bundy family? >> it really didn't make any sense for senator reid to weigh in on this issue when he hasn't had to. i think he was kind of caught off guard outside of an event. so, going forward, this is really only going to rile up the bundy support. there was no reason for him to go out on a limb for this one. >> season? >> he should not have stepped into this he shouldn't have touched it with a 10 point pole. >> how should he have answered it who are the bundies? >> he needs to answer it with the blm and civil manner, peaceful manner. not rile up more people out there. it could have effected election chances if it gets spiraled out of control. is he not up for election in 2014. there is a very popular republican governor brian sandalville who is thinking about running in 2016. >> this very bad territory for harry reid to be in. >> i'm getting a lot of emails where it is said that senator harry reid has got more involvement in this.
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i have yet to be able to connect the dot, but a lot of people think he has some connection to this. >> there was a dispute whether a solar energy company that his son was involved with wanted to build near this property where they wanted to build was 200 miles away. it doesn't square their opposition to this. the fact is i read this today and i thought it was a good comparison, it's like if you were evicted from your apartment in washington, d.c. because your landlord wanted to build something in trenton when you were actually evicted because you didn't pay rent for a really really long time. >> senator reid, so far there is no connection? >> other than the fact this is a local issue that's been going on for about 20 years, plus. no. >> you know, alexandra, this has gotten really ugly. i mean, it's the idea that pointing guns at each other. >> yeah. absolutely. i think that's why we haven't seen any republican leaders weigh in on this because while it is a states right issue which is typically very popular with the republican base, it has gotten so out of hand.
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i mean, there was one supporter suggesting they put women at the front lines that it would look bad if the feds shot at them. that's not the kind of things that republican leaders want to touch. not the kind of thing they can touch even though it is a political winner for them. >> so, what happens? >> at the same time, i mean, i think that you have to look at this as a 20-year dispute. this is $1 million the federal government is trying to collect for grazing fees. >> and the bundy family says they will pay it to the state or something. >> right. they said they paid it to the county. >> they're mad at the sheriff, too. >> yeah. there is a lot of disputes going on here obviously. this is a drop in the bucket for the federal government. why are we having this confrontation in why doesn't this play out in the courts? if they wanted to get their money, if they think this is something that the federal government wants to pursue, there is civil -- there is a justice system that we can all. >> very telling that you did see some criticism of the blm. you didn't see the -- you didn't see them actually defending the bundies. you saw them say that there was some heavy handedness on behalf of the federal
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government. they are clearly not defending the bundy family, but they are also -- they are being very very careful how they are wording their criticism. >> panel, thank you. and don't miss hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean will be have the latest in continuing battle between rancher cliven bundy and the feds. coming up, get ready for. this a war on women erupting on capitol hill. guess where? in the offices of members of congress. "on the record" investigates. that's next.
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saying one thing, equal pay for equal work. >> women deserve a pay raise and the way raise comes from getting the same pay for doing the same job. >> he they're not being paid fairly in the workplace. >> 2014 is an embarrassment. women deserve equal pay for equal work. >> okay. does washington actually hate women? well at least it hates paying them. first president obama's equal pay push backfires as
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"on the record" reported last week at the white house men are still paid more than women. the white house says because men have better jobs at the white house. okay we started on that one. but now a new pay gap bombshell this one on capitol hill. joining us is sean at the washington examiner. what you have discovered about the pay for men and women on capitol hill? >> well, it's sort of ironic last week when the senate was actually voting on a bill aimed at equalling out pay discrepancies the staffers actually helping draft those bills, female staffers are actually paid less than male staffers. >> how bad is it on the hill? what's the discrepancy between men and women. >> this was lie legistorm. it's a research group that focuses on congress. they crunched some numbers. it's better than the national average. female house staffers make 91 cents on the dollar to
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men in the senate. 88 cents to the dollar national average 77 cents to the dollar. that figure has been disputed though. >> obviously though, it's like they keep talking about the war on women. i mean, if women are only making 91 cents for every dollar the men make on the house and 88 cents in the senate, i mean, don't they see sort of a problem there if they are out there talking about how women should get equal pay when in their own offices they are not doing it. >> the trouble is these numbers are disputed. depends on which side of the debate you are on. a lot of people think that there is no gender pay gap that these numbers, that it's sort of -- you are comparing apples and oranges because. >> the women have the lesser jobs? which always -- give the women the equal jobs. >> and this is actually a big -- the democrats are actually using this as a big -- they think this is a winning debate heading into
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the midterm elections this year. >> how county democratic held senate, i mean, i realize the republicans and democrats in both houses, but if the senate is dominated by democrats, 80 cents on every dollar and this is an issue that's near and dear to their heart, how do they justify the discrepancy in their own offices? >> well, they haven't right now. this just came out yesterday. and right now congress. >> on vacation? conveniently on vacation? >> i didn't see any press releases and didn't see a peep from anybody the last couple days about this. >> maybe we should warn them when they come back you will be inquiring. >> i will. >> under the headline never dull. anyway, sean, thank you. >> thank you. >> now, it's time to show what you we are watching. we put together the most gripping videos out there tonight. take a look. you know this song and it makes you happy. ♪ here's why ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along
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tonight, iran is calling america dangerous insisting the u.s. is setting a bad precedent for the man involved in the 1979 rawrpian who's damage crisis. that's when 52 americans were held hostage for 44
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days in the most unthinkable conditions. the iran ambassador pick can not even get close to the united nations. will this destroy our talks with iran? joining us is south carolina senator lindsey graham. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> i assume that you agree totally that this man should be denied a visa to the united states? >> totally. absolutely. it's a bad precedent to allow somebody who was involved in overrunning an american embassy and holding people hostage for over 400 days to come to our nation as an ambassador from another country, the iranians. i think it's offensive to the hostages that their families. it's offensive to us as americans for the iranians to even propose this. >> now, i totally agree with that. but, the one thing that sort of is a little bit of a thorny problem here is the law. do we have a problem with the law as the host of the u.n. in terms of denying a visa to a chosen ambassador
11:51 pm
by a foreign country? >> no. we can condition admission to this country for national security reasons. i think it would be bad for our national security to basically forgive someone for taking americans hostages. hostage because what you would be doing is set ago precedent to encourage people to violate the law and get rewarded for it. so, from a national security point of view, we should have an ironclad policy. if you overrun an american embassy and you take americans hostage, you are never going to come to the u.n. >> all right. well he says he was merely a translator and negotiator. i don't care. it makes no difference to me. >> yeah, right. >> as iran's position. you know, the thing is, it wasn't just hostage taking, what they did to the americans. >> oh, awful. >> is absolutely appalling. so it's not just that these -- this is a hostage taking, it was so much more. >> here's the question. why are they doing this? if they are really sincere about wanting to reach a peaceful resolution? why would they do this to begin with.
11:52 pm
this really tells you all you need to know about this iranian regime. they are a bunch of thugs. the largest state sponsor of terrorism for the last 30 years. they killed our american soldiers in iraq providing weapons to people in iraq to kill american soldiers. they are trying to develop a nuclear weapon, not a peaceful power program. and this is just tells you all you need to know about the iranians. >> all right. now, many people think it was dead in the water to begin with. but negotiations with iran over the nuclear weapon program which instance debtly they denied that they have, but we don't believe them. now are those negotiations dead in the water so now what? i assume that they will go full speed ahead or am i wrong? >> i'm sure they will probably continue to negotiate. here is what you need to understand about the negotiations. the obama administration is about to give the ayatollahs in iran the right to enrich uranium. this is what they did with north korea. they allowed the north koreans, a small enrichment program and they were going to monitor it with the u.n. weapons inspectors. well, guess what?
11:53 pm
and sanctions. the north koreans have nuclear weapons. we're on the path to repeating iran the same mistakes we had in north korea. i am begging the obama administration if the iranians have a nuclear power program, fine, just control the fuel cycle. do not allow them to enrich uranium. you'll have a north korean result on your hand and in the might if the iranians get a nuclear capability, sunni arab rans are going to want one of their own and you are on the road to arm g.e.d.en. >> what do you imagine prime minister netanyahu thinking tonight as he watches this battle the u.s. denying the visa and iran firing back with covert threat on the united states? covert threat i mean on the negotiations? i don't meaner that going to fire a weapon at us? >> i think he is watching the ukraine and another example of where we are basically abandoning a friend in the ukraine. he remembers the red lines in syria. now you have the iranians directly in an offensive way confronting the united states. so, if i'm the prime
11:54 pm
minister of israel, i have to really ask myself, can i count on america anymore? and my view is that he is going to have to say no, he can't. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, breaking news in boston. the bomb squad on site at the it boston marathon finish line. more information is coming into fox every minute. cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people. we are volvo of sweden. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd.
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this is a fox news alert. these are live pictures. the bomb squad dispatched moments ago to the boston marathon finish line. boston police are telling fox news they got a call about a suspicious backpack there is a backpack on the ground in our live picture a robot is approaching it right now. fox news is following this developing story and we will bring you any new information as we get it just as a reminder, a year ago today that was the boston bombing, the victims
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and heros were honored. vice president biden attending a memorial and speaking to the survivors. >> you are living proof that america can never, never, never be defeated. you are the proof of that assertion. so much has been taken from you, but you never never have given up and all the other survivors. >> three spectators died the day of the bombing. and 264 people were hurt. many losing arms and legs. one police officer also died. and 16 others injured just days later in the gun fight to capture one of the bombers. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. right now though, go to and answer this: why do you think some politicians vilify the tea party? is it because they don't take them seriously or is it because they are threatened by them? vote in our gretawire poll and also just a reminder if you are just getting home and tuning in to before bill o'reilly. pick up your dvr remote and
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set a series recording each night. that way you will never miss "on the record." up next the o'reilly factor. good night. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." do robot animals taste as good as real animals? the debate you will forget we had. plus, how does the vice president feel knowing that magic mike 2 will not be rated nc-17? >> how in the hell could that have ever been allowed? >> and finally, has belgium been secretly building an army of killer geese? our year long investigation finally bears fruit. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> wow. let's welcome our guests. brains and charm were a crime she would be a felon serving


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